Gan Kindergarten Class


April 7, 2019

2 Nissan, 5779

Dear Families,

We had a great day in Kindergarten today.  Here’s what we did:

*We learned the letter Ayin today.  To practice, the children did an activity called “Pick and Dot.”  The students have learned all but 2 Hebrew letters.

*The students were introduced to the Four Questions and Answers for the Passover Seder with finger puppets

*We reviewed seder plate foods and played a matching game, matching the foods to the concept they remind us of: charoset/brick, parsley/spring, maror (horseradish)/bitter slavery, egg/life, matzah/escaping Egypt, salt water/sadness for Egyptian soldiers and horses, shankbone/lamb


*We do not have library any more this year. If your child still has a book out (I have texted you), please return in the next few Sundays.

*Next week is seder tasting. The children will be reintroduced to foods on the seder plate and taste them.

*I will not be there next week but will be back after Passover break.

Have a Happy and Healthy Passover!


Miss Debbie