Gan Kindergarten Class


November 19, 2017

1 Kislev, 5778

Dear Families,

Today was a great day!  Check out what we did below:

*We reviewed that God is not a person, is invisible but we know God is there and that God made the world and rested on Shabbat.  Today we learned that Jews believe in one God by reading about the Shema prayer.  We also learned that the Shema is in the mezzuzah and why we put the mezzuzah slanted on our doorways. We learned the meaning of the Shema prayer and practiced it.  Most of the students already knew the Shema, as we sing it every Sunday in tefilah.  Next the students made adorable pictures using cut outs of their handprints to make the shin.  Look for them on our hallway bulletin board.

*Today we learned the letters Hey.  Now we have learned all of the letters on the dreidel so we can play at Hanukkah.  The students got to pick one of two activities to practice the letters today: trace and make the letters in playdough with lego pieces or roll two dice and find the coordinates on a graph, then say the letter name and color the square.  We didn’t have much play time but we will re-visit these activities in the future.

*We finished with centers this week and will have new centers in January that reflect upcoming holidays and concepts.

*The first Shabbat boxes went home today.  Each child will have a week to bring home the box.  Inside will be everything you need to celebrate Shabbat.  Please put the challah roll in the fridge or freezer until Friday so it doesn’t go stale.  You do not need to replenish anything but please make sure to return all of the non-edible items the following Sunday, as the next child on the list is eagerly waiting for his/her turn.  There is a list in each box.  There is also a small Shabbat book with blessings, as well as some suggested Shabbat activities. 

*We do not have Religious School next Sunday in honor of Thanksgiving.  I will be in Israel for Dec. 3 and Dec. 10th.  On Dec. 3rd, the children will get to decorate a box to bring home for Mitzvah Day. The kindergarteners are asked to collect warm socks for residents at Cedar Village.  Students can ask those at their school to participate and donate, as well as your workplaces.  These boxes should be returned in January.  Look for more information to come.


*The children will have the chance to shop for Hanukkah for family on Sunday, Dec. 10th at a special kids shop.  This is different from the Synagogue Judaica Hanukkah Fair on Sunday, December 3rd.  Please stop in the shop and pick up your Hanukkah gifts.

*I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Miss Debbie

Enjoy an impromptu video of the kids singing of the Shema.                          

If the video doesn’t play, click here